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Economy Scripting Form
About Us Sample: "Thanks for calling XYZ Corporation. We're glad you called and someone will be right with you. In business since 1972, XYZ Corporation offer customers the very finest in X, Y, and Z. Our service is simply the best in the industry. You can buy with confidence because all our products come with a full five year warranty. Our team of 60 dedicated employees are here to service you. Thanks for calling, will be right with you.
Location/Hours Sample: "We're glad you called XYZ Corporation. We are conveniently located on Rt 232, just 5 minutes from the airport. We're open every day at 10am and close daily at 7pm. Sundays we're open 10-5. For other information, visist our web site at Someone will be with you shortly.

Mission Sample: At XYZ Corporatoin our mission is simple. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer. Our award winning team would like to go to work for you and create a custom solution - not just one that works, but one that will exceed your expections. Let us know how we can serve you better when we come on the line. Thanks for calling XYZ Corporation
Recognition Sample: "Recently the XYZ Corporation earned the prestisgous Customer Satisfaction Award for our districte. Our commitment to your satisfaction starts from the friendly welecome you recieve at our front door, to every person you deal with in our company. At XYZ Corporation, you don't pay more... you just get more. We'll be happy to discuss your needs when we come back on the line.
Profit Center 1 "The XYZ Corporation is widely know for our excellence in the manufactoring of widgets. But did you also know, we offer sales and service of monitoring software solutions for the process control industry. Why go anywhere else when exactly what you need is at XYZ company." Thanks for calling, we will be right with you!
New Profit Center 2 : "In addition to manufactoring Widgets, XYZ Corporation is pleased to announce that we will be carring the complete line of ABC Assembly tools. We have special pricing in effect now. So ask your representive about our current promotions when we come back on the line. We're glad you called the #1 Customer Satisfaction leaders, the XYZ Corporation. Someone will be right with you!
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