Frequently Asked Questions

Why do business with

For our Experience, Integrity and Guarantees! has been installing on hold systems since 1985! That's over 20 years. We're reputable, and we know what works and what doesn't. Our machines come with a Five Year Worry-Free Warranty on equipment. Further, our Quality Assurance Guarantee means you'll be 100% happy with your script, announcer and the music that we choose, or your production is redone until you are fully satisfied.

What type of phone systems are compatible with my Advertising-On-Hold digital repeater?

Almost any modern business phone system will work with a digital repeater. If your phone system has a "music in" or you are currently playing a radio on hold, then you absolutely can use Advertising-On-Hold. Modern business phone systems all have a "central brain" called a KSU. Our standard audio output plugs into any KSU that has a music on hold feature.

YES! If you have a multiple line business phone, Advertising -On-Hold™ will work on your system. There are very few exceptions! SORRY! If you have standard single line telephone, typically found in residential applications, you probably cannot use Advertising-On-Hold™. Call us if you have questions!

How is my script developed?

One of our professional copywriters will contact you by telephone. After a brief interview (10-20 minutes), we will have enough information to develop our first draft. We will present this script to you by fax or email (your choice). We are very good at this! You can check out our sample programs. Most customers are extremely satisfied with their script after the first draft and one or two rounds of revisions. Regardless of how many revisions, we guarantee you will be happy with your script. When you have signed off on the script, we will produce your final program.

How long does program development take?

It typically takes four to seven days to develop a script and obtain client approvals. Production of that script usually another takes three days. Therefore, we can have your program to you in seven to 10 days, typically. Occasionally, medical scripts or highly technical scripts may take a few extra days for development.

How is my program recorded?

We use top-quality, national caliber announcers. The quality of our productions sets us apart from the others. You can select the announcer or you can entrust us to select just the right announcer for your style of business. Our skilled producers also select the proper royalty free music for your production. Your final production is assembled in a state-of-the-art digital system. Then we digitally load your program into your repeater, for maximum clarity.

Do I need to worry about music rights?

No, all our music is royalty free! We have a very nice music library which we use to select just the right music bed(s) for your firm.

Can I use my firm's Music Package or "Jingle?"

Absolutely, simply mail us your music package and we will use it as the background for your Advertising-On-Hold™ production. (We accept: CD, Reel to Reel, Cassette, MP3, or any digital format) By using your company jingle, your "On hold" marketing will match your radio and television programming in your marketplace. If don't have a custom jingle for your firm and would like one for use on radio, tv or on-hold, Quantum Communications, the parent company of Advertising-On-Hold, specializes in music for radio and television productions.

Why can't I just play the radio over my phone system?

Many people are surprised to learn that it is actually illegal to play a CD or radio station over their phone or in their showroom. ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC (the music rights agencies) actually police the unauthorized use of music in commercial businesses. The law is on their side, because a business using music to generate profits is different than a private individual using music for personal enjoyment.