Beware of Internet Rip-Offs!!

There are some "on hold" firms which market very low cost solutions. We recently replaced a unit sold to an unsuspecting customer. They were promised a complete production and machine for $399. What they got was a $19 off-brand cassette deck with a continuous-loop tape. Under continuous duty, this unit wore out in just over 2 weeks!!

False Economy!

Some more reputable companies are using CD players instead of digital repeaters. However, our experience proves that these "consumer-grade" CD units wear out in 3 to 6 months under constant use. We no longer sell this low-cost approach. If you really must go with this low-cost approach, we encourage you to buy your own CD player at the local electronics store and then buy a professional quality production, mastered to CD, from us. You can always upgrade to a digital repeater at a later date.